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here is the relationship chart with Basetown and Hometown! ;u;

It was only mentioned ONCE that they were cousins with a small introduction of Marcie while the blog was still new. 

i know the hometown characters made a sudden appearance in the basetown story ahaha sorry for the confusion.





pikAACHUUUU notsrry


Welcome to Hometown!

The sweetest life you can get!


Waa ;__; I made something bEAUTIFUL OUGHANO at this rate i’ll really want to go back to Hometown 

Excuse me for my nostalgia moments, but I don’t know if Neni knows how important she is to me like really I was already following her blog by bookmarking it in my ipad and i didn’t even join tumblr. I didn’t even like tumblr that much either because I didn’t know how to use it at all, 

I remember when I was thinking about starting up Hometown with Riann and I was doodling some pictures. When I drew this for her, I remember feeling a little weird because I never really did fanart for anyone but I really like Sugarpan and Neni and Bruno and I was just thinking “Oh man, I wonder if she’s going to like it even though i’m a stranger to her” alksjdf ;u;

I’m just so happy now because we became friends afterwards and now we send drawings back and forth to each other and we always laugh and have feels whenever we see what we drew for each other.

After like a year of being on this site, I had to look back and some of the old posts that I did. Then I couldn’t help myself but look at Sugarpan’s blog too and ended up drawing this.

Overall, thank you for everything Neni elkajsdf excuse me i know i’m being silly out of no where i just wanted to and thank you everyone else for making me feel so welcomed on this site as well.”


"HAVE SOME NOSTALGIA EVERYONE *cries and throws tears, feelings, and nostalgia in the air*"

(gonna color later)

(Ponders why I didn’t finish the drawing….)

((Might as well take the oppurtunity to posts drawings i probably didn’t post before ha these are really oold.))

Oh wow i didn’t notice that i was on hometown hi guys it’s roxanne i’ll be liking things and reblogging some stuff at the same time ;u;


Mitch proposed to me Harvest Moon style.

this is adorable